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My Two Cents Election Prediction

Key States

Below I give how many points each state will be won by and the final electoral count. Now if this was a normal election where Trump was just running against Biden and not commie big tech and authoritarian mainstream media you can easily add 4-6 points to what I have.

Florida: 4-6 points

This is my home state, I grew-up in central Florida. Let’s break this state down into 3 sections:

Panhandle RED, Trump will do better than the republicans in 2018, why? The panhandle votes typically votes red but with Trump is on the ticket the turnout will be much larger.

South – Extremely light blue with a hue of red. LOL Why? Latino vote, Cubans and Venezuelans love Trump!!! they have been through socialism and I have as well and it SUCKS!!! They lived under authoritarian dictators and they recognize Trump is for the people.

Central – Light red, Puerto Ricans vote from Orlando will help here, Trump got a big endorsed by Puerto Rico’s governor. Also there is a big Cuban community in Tampa.

Georgia: 1.5-3 points

I was just in this state and went to some polling stations and saw Trump supporters lining up to vote. The black vote is going to help a lot. Hip-Hop loved Trump before he ran for president and guess what? They are loving Trump again!!! Atlanta is Hip-Hop!!! Kanye West, 50 cent, Fivio Foreign, BlocBoy JB, Lil Pump and the latest Lil Wayne are all abroad the Trump train. These guys are businessmen and work hard for their money, they aren’t stupid and understand that the democrats are trying to hustle them with insanely high taxes. These guys carry influence in the black community(unlike liberal actors) and this influence will be seen all over America and not just Georgia.

Michigan: 1.5-3 points

Trump’s team has a great ground game and in this state it really needs to shine. Also their authoritarian Nazi governor isn’t helping the democrat party. Covid(woo-flu, Bat Aids) whatever you want to call it, Whitmer handled it horrible, not as bad a kumo but close 2nd. Biden want’s more locked down and the people of Michigan I think are at their breaking point.

Pennsylvania: 1-2 points

Fracking is an extremely important industry for the state. Look at the map below. Pittsburgh is blue collar and loves to frack. Philadelphia is the weak link and has population, but i’m hearing that Trump is getting some traction there.

Map shows all oil and gas wells in the state

Minnesota: .05-1.5 points

This is a state where Republicans have not won since 1972. I think this state is prime for flip-pin in the make-in, thanks to the peaceful protesters.

Wisconsin: Even

Trump is doing better than what the polls predict, Trump does have the dairy farmers. If Trump can pull another 5% of the black vote, he should be able to hold this state.

Arizona: 1-2 points

Latinos have 16.5 percent of the votes in Arizona. This should help carry trump in this state. Court packing is a key issue here because Latinos are pro-life (more pro-life than other Democrats), I expect a very narrow Trump win.

Final Electoral Vote

Trump 318 Biden 220

If you think I got something wrong and you’re willing to support your position, the comment area below is all yours. I welcome the criticism.

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