Feminist’s Trigger Material

Let the triggering begin…

I used to think that a woman’s emotions were strictly regulated to “that time of the month,” but feminists have proven that to be all wrong. Feminists get mad over everything—the pay gap, tampon taxes, catcalls, genital mutilation. Man, what doesn’t bother them?

  • “Can I buy you dinner?”
  • “You remind me of my secretary.”
  • “You must face so many struggles as a middle class white woman.”
  • “I figured that you were a cat person.”
  • “How Many cat’s do you own?”
  • “Women shouldn’t have short hair! unless your in Heavens Gate Cult “
  • “Make me a sandwich.”
  • “How can you turn a dishwasher into a snowblower? Give her a shovel.”
  • “Sooooo….anal?”
  • “There will never be a female candidate worthy of the Presidency.”
  • “Looks like somebody’s on their period!”
  • “If we’re gonna hook up tonight, I’m going to need you to sign this 13 page document confirming that you consent.”
  • “Sorry, I didn’t mean to hold open that door for you.”
  •  “TheCut is the worst thing to ever happen to the Internet.”
  • “Ever thought about shaving your legs?”
  • “Are you really a feminist, or is that just your excuse for still being alone at 40?”
  • “Of the 38 female Fortune 500 CEO’s, how many do you think are lesbians?”
  • George Carlin “Call her cum-catcher…that’ll get her attention!”
  • That haircut makes you look like Joy Behar’s bush.”
  • “On a scale from one to a putrefied whale carcass, how bad do you think Hilary Clinton’s vagina smells?
  • “You’d look WAY better if you lost 15 pounds.”
  • “Tell em they should be 100% responsible for the kids they create and alimony should be abolished.”
  • “I bet you can’t do laundry for shit.”
  • “I wish they would photoshop a few more pounds off of their cover models.”
  • ““Wait a minute…this isn’t a kitchen, how the hell did you get here?”
  • “I’d rip that pantsuit off you so fast if you let me…”
  • “I’m in a fraternity.”
  • “You’re just a woman with a small brain. With a brain a third the size of us. It’s science.”
  • “Let me know when you’re driving home. I want to warn all of the small children in the area.”
  • Tell them there’s a reason why most societies throughout history have been patriarchal.
  • “I don’t disrespect you because you’re a woman, I disrespect you because you’re a self-righteous moron.
  • “Bruce Jenner winning woman of the year just proves that men are better than women at everything, including being a woman”
  • “So did you get kicked out of sorority rush the first day or the second?”
  • “I’m all for gender equality, that’s why I love to 69 so much.”

Feminists are a minority within the female group. Bad feminists are even lesser in number, so not every girl we meet is a man-hating women’s rights activist. Real feminism is about women joining their hands to work collectively and uplift the lives of young girls and females worldwide by teaching them how to be self-sufficient(Become a stripper), so they don’t have to rely on men for food or money. Sadly, radical man-haters(#metoo) hijacked feminism and have done a significant bit of damage to the women’s rights movement.

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