6 Best Sniper Movies

The Wall

Top 6 Sniper Movies

The Perfect One-Man movie, Way way underrated movie .. Aaron Taylor-Johnson ( Isaac ) makes a tremendous effort in this movie, Perfect performance. I give him most of the credit .. Laith Nakli ( The Sniper – Nabu, which could be an actual person or persons(DuckDuckGo it) also does a great job performing the show’s mysterious man .; even by only his voice! John Cena has a small role and does a fine job.

The movie itself is an intelligent thriller. I liked the dialogues, the convincing acting, The Location, The Shots, The Directing, and The General Atmosphere, all perfectly carried out. The Absence of music in nearly the whole movie gets you living it in a more focused way. If you have seen and loved the movie Phone Booth, this is a very similar but significantly different setting.

I heavily recommend it for any fan of thriller genre movies… Just keep it running till the end. You won’t regret it

Phone Booth

Top 6 Sniper Movies

The whole thing takes place outside a phone booth in Manhattan and shot it in 10 days for less than 2 million dollars. It BLEW ME AWAY! Stuart `Stu’ Shepard (Colin Farrell), a sleazy publicist, uses this phone booth to call his girlfriend because his wife checks his cell phone bills. The phone rings, and when he picks it up, all hell breaks loose. The voice on the other end (Kiefer Sutherland is just terrifying) warns him that he will kill him if he leaves the booth. At first, Stu doesn’t believe him, but we find out pretty quickly that his life is in real danger, and the stranger on the other end of the line knows EVERYTHING about Stu and his life. Then the police show up (Forest Whitaker is terrific as the cop in charge) and orders Stu out of the booth.

I spent the next hour on the edge of my seat. I don’t want to give anything more away, but it is one of the most suspenseful movies I’ve seen in a very long time! You should see this movie!

Enemy at the Gates

Top 6 Sniper Movies

ENEMY AT THE GATES, Jude Law, 2001

In “Enemy at the Gates,” would be decided the future in World War II’s most significant battles between a young Russian sniper and an aristocratic sharpshooter from Germany sent to kill him. Jude Law and Ed Harris sit for hours, waiting for the right moment. It was a duel set in the siege of Stalingrad, one of World War II’s most extensive and bloodiest battles, and during this colossal battle, these two soldiers were hunting each other down.

Jude Law is remarkable as the young sharpshooter Vassili Zaitsev. Vassili represented the ultimate hero, the symbol of someone who could instill hope and belief in victory amongst the troops because his skills as a sniper were unparalleled.

Ed Harris played Major Konig, the German sharpshooter sent to hunt down Vassili He knows that Vassili was picking off German officers with some regularity and was becoming a folk hero for the Russian soldiers as well as the Russian populace…

American Sniper

Top 6 Sniper Movies

The American Sniper portrays the life of legendary Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. He had 120 confirmed kills during the tour of Iraq. In American Sniper, Bradley Cooper shows the life of Chris Kyle. Chris has served four tours in the Iraq War and enjoys his job. He is one of the elite snipers. The struggle begins when Chris returns home to his wife, his daughter, and an infant son.

The battle that Chris fights back at home is far much more significant than any of the conflicts he has fought. Although he has left the war, the war has not left him. The flashbacks and the PTSD that Chris has affects his family too. Chris wants to rejoin the battle, but it will cost him his family. It portrays the absolute horror of wars, the pain that soldiers feel when they try to settle in ordinary life. If you enjoy good sharpshooter movies, then American should be number one on your list.

Absolute Hundred –

Absolute Hundred – Apsolutnih sto (original title)

Top 6 Sniper Movies

Igor Gordic (Srdjan Todorovic) won the gold medal in shooting at the World Championship in 1991. Soon after that success, he got drafted by the army as a sniper. During the war, the killing of people (or, like the film says:”spilling their brains out”) was for him only possible under the influence of drugs. After his return, he quit shooting due to seeing faces of his kills from the war in every target he aimed at, recognizing that the only thing he can see in any rifle is death. He continued abusing drugs and fell deeper and deeper into debts and problems with Belgrade’s uprising mafia-subculture, where one of his former best friends (another war veteran) is one of the heads. Sasa Gordic (Vuk Kostic), Igor’s younger brother, who’s at shooting at least as good as Igor, is preparing for a contest in France. The need for money for more drugs makes his brother sell the shooting stand the two brothers inherited by their father. As the new owner limits Sasa’s access, he takes Igor’s rifle from war and takes the law into his own hands, but the new owner of the stand is only the first victim to come in this drama. This movie is one of the best works available from the Balkans, showing the situation Serbia, and the surrounding countries (i.e., the former Yugoslavian states) were driven into by war.

Battle for Sevastopol – Bitva za Sevastopol (original title)

Top 6 Sniper Movies

These is an English trailer on YouTube, but age restricted, take a look it’s excellent.

An excellent 2015 biographical-like (based on a ‘true story’) film about a young Soviet Ukrainian named Lyudmila Pavlichenko, a young lady who joined the Red Army to fight the Nazi invasion of the USSR. Overtime during her enlistment, she became one of the deadliest snipers in World War II.

Basically, after the German invasion of the USSR, Pavlichenko becomes a sniper in the 25th Rifle Division. She fights in the Battle of Odesa, and eventually, she takes part in the defense of Sevastopol.

After she amassed 309 confirmed kills, she is sent to the United States to campaign for American support, and it’s here when Eleanor Roosevelt invites her to the White House, and the two become friends.

If you get a chance and tolerate subtitles, it’s an excellent film to watch. 

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