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The Anonymous Nurse

I spoke with a nurse in Australia who shares her thoughts on the vaccine…

Among all the vaccines I have known in my life (diphtheria, tetanus, measles, rubella, chickenpox, hepatitis, meningitis, and tuberculosis), I also want to add flu and pneumonia. I have never seen a vaccine that forced me to wear a mask and maintain my social distance, even when you are fully vaccinated. 

I had never heard of a vaccine that spreads the virus even after vaccination. 

I had never heard of rewards, discounts, or incentives to get vaccinated. I never saw discrimination against those who didn’t. If you haven’t been vaccinated, no one has tried to make you feel like a bad person. I have never seen a vaccine that threatens the relationship between family, colleagues, and friends. 

I have never seen a vaccine used to threaten livelihoods, work, or school. I have never seen a vaccine that would allow a 12-year-old to override parental consent. After all the vaccines I listed above, I have never seen a vaccine like this one, which discriminates, divides, and judges society as it is. And as the social fabric tightens…it’s an influential vaccine! It does all these things except immunization. 

If we still need a booster dose after we are fully vaccinated, and we still need to get a negative test after we are fully vaccinated. We still need to wear a mask after we are fully vaccinated and still be hospitalized after we have been fully vaccinated. It will likely come to the point where it’s time for us to admit that we’ve been completely deceived.”

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