Sanity checks

Executive summary

People tell me I’m crazy all the time for believing that the COVID vaccines are unsafe.

But all I am doing is making the obvious conclusions from all the data in plain sight, including people’s reactions when challenged.

For example, at dinner last night, I revealed that my occupation was a “myth buster” and then people asked “what myth?” and I said that the vaccines were unsafe. Later, one of the attendees told me I should be ashamed of myself for spreading misinformation. I asked, “Do you have any data to back that up?” She said, “I don’t want to talk to you.”

Does that sound familiar?

Here’s a short checklist of observations that would be very hard to explain if the vaccines are safe and effective.

The sanity checks

The overall sanity check is that all the data (including observing peoples’ behavior when challenged) I’ve seen is consistent with the unsafe hypothesis and not consistent with a very safe vaccine with mild, short-lasting side-effects.

Here’s a list of data points that suggest that I’m sane in no particular order:

  1. I am currently offering $1M to anyone who can convince a neutral panel of judges that the COVID vaccines save more people than they kill. No takers. Not even the drug companies will stand behind their own product! Do you really need anything more than that? Here are the offers I’ve made and note in particular that the term sheet is fully negotiable.
  2. Hundreds of VAERS safety signals are being deliberately ignored by the CDC including the all important death safety signal. The death safety signal was triggered using the CDC’s own methodology, and nobody in the world will acknowledge that. This tells you there is a cover-up.
  3. VAERS is 5.4X underreported for the COVID vaccines compared to earlier vaccines. When you actually collect the data, you find that VAERS appears to be around 5.4X underreported compared to earlier vaccines. This means that when we find that “acute cardiac failure” is elevated by 475X in VAERS, the actual increase is 2,565X higher than earlier vaccines. So we are probably looking at around 2,500 deaths per million doses of the vaccine. Even if this estimate is off by 100X, this is way past the stopping condition for a safe vaccine.
  4. Healthcare workers observe too many vaccine related deaths for this to be a safe vaccine. Just in the first 281 healthcare workers to respond to a survey, they observed over 1,128 vaccine-related deaths. That is not normal. It should be a stopping condition in any normal society. There are over 22 million healthcare workers in America which is 100,000 times larger than my sample size. You can’t extrapolate linearly from my sample because there will be overlaps, but a 100X minimum multiplier is probably still free of significant overlaps.
  5. CDC hides from the facts. The CDC refuses to comment on anything I’ve written despite the fact that they are focused on reducing the amount of misinformation in order to reduce vaccine hesitancy. They won’t even return my calls offering to discuss our disagreements. This makes no sense since in a Google search for “misinformation superspreaders” I’m usually the top result. How do they expect to resolve the open issues by not communicating? They haven’t answered that (and the mainstream media won’t ask them this obvious question either).
  6. The top US safety officials duck and run for cover when you try to show them adverse safety data. Scientists are supposed to seek the truth, not duck and run for cover when asked if they want to see safety data. Read this article about ACIP chair Grace Lee. Rather than answer a simple question about whether she wanted to see the confidential Israeli safety data (that the Israeli government is hiding from the public), she chose to call the police. It’s caught on video.
  7. The FDA’s Dr. Peter Marks publicly said he’d do anything to reduce vaccine hesitancy. I said the simplest way is to debate us and show the world how we got it wrong. He declined to do that. I still don’t know why. Do you?
  8. There are no debates. No public health authority or any of the experts relied on by the mainstream media, will engage in a debate. We are willing to pay them to attend but nobody wants to, not for any amount of money.
  9. David Gorski is silent when asked tough questions. Gorski prides himself on discrediting misinformation spreaders. But he won’t touch the VAERS analysis showing that the results cannot be explained by “overreporting.” Nor will he verify the fact that VAERS has generated safety signals that nobody noticed, even when I offered him up to $1M to compensate him for his time. He’d only get the million dollars if I was wrong. Otherwise, he’d owe me a million dollars. Obviously, he verified I was right and decided not to accept the bet. Similarly, debunker Professor Jeffrey Morris won’t touch these topics either. The excuse he provided to me is “I’ve given up trying to talk science with you long ago Steve.” So turning down $1M eh? That’s pretty tough to believe Jeffrey.
  10. The large number of “black swan events” in plain sight is simply too high to be consistent with the “safe and effective” claim. These events are typically sudden unexpected deaths or injuries in people. For example, we are seeing a huge number of deaths of young people who “die suddenly of unknown causes” such as Drew Cockton, 36 year old winner of BBC Dragon’s Den.
  11. The messages from the grave from high profile people. For example, the inventor of the v-safe program Joel Kallman died under very mysterious circumstances after getting his second dose of the vaccine. He supposedly died from COVID but he never got COVID. Nobody’s talking. See Oracle VP Joel Kallman Dies of “Covid” After Receiving Second Vaccine Injection. This article points out that there was no news that a prominent vaccinated person got COVID. It would be interesting to see Joel Kallman’s v-safe record. Why don’t they release it?
  12. The Doug Brignole testBrignole challenged the vaccine and said if he didn’t die, people like me should apologize. He died shortly after getting his latest vaccine.
  13. The Died Suddenly Facebook group had over 300,000 members and was growing at 20,000 new people a day at the time Facebook removed it. This suggests a lot of people are dying suddenly all of a sudden. I wonder why?
  14. Polling done through independent polling companies (using their lists) show people believe more people have been killed by the vaccines than by COVID. This would be impossible if the vaccines are perfectly safe. See Evidence of Harm.
  15. The unexplainably high number of people dropping dead in plain sight recently and nobody even attempts to explain the cause or reveal the vaccination status of those who died.
  16. The unwillingness to find the truth. People who have lost loved ones after getting the vaccine refuse to associate the vaccine with the death. It is never mentioned in any obituary and the bodies are never properly tested to see if the vaccine was associated with the cause of death. They don’t want to even talk about the possibility.
  17. The book Turtles all the way down: vaccine science and myth shows that the entire medical community has been fooled into believing that all vaccines are safe and effective. If it can happen for decades for all vaccines, it’s not much of a stretch to believe it is happening with the COVID vaccines as well. There is a reward of $1K for anyone finding a mistake in the book. So far, no takers. Everyone should read the final section (pages 517-518) which talks about science vs. “vaccine science.”
  18. Embalmer statistics. Even today, over 40% or more of the cases have strange clots associated with the COVID vaccine. This is from a recent discussion with Richard Hirschman (on October 24, 2022) where he reported seeing clots in 88% of his cases and 53% had the telltale blood clots found only in vaccinated or vaccine-impacted cases.
  19. How can miscarriages be up by 50% and fertility be down by 50%? If it isn’t the vaccine, what is it?
  20. If it isn’t the vaccine causing prion disease, what is the cause and why isn’t anyone saying anything?
  21. Why is it that doctors who work at a hospital when they ask about the vaccination status of all the people reporting neurological problems, they are shut down? In the past, this never used to be the case.
  22. Insurance company data. There was a 12-sigma increase in the number of deaths in people under 60 in Q3 and Q4 of 2021. This corresponds to the peak of vaccination in April (there is a 5 month delay from peak vaccination to peak death).
  23. The McCullough assumption. If a healthy person suddenly dies, and there’s no antecedent disease, it’s the vaccine until proven otherwise.” (See Two top cardiologists implicate COVID vax in all unexplained heart attacks since 2021).
  24. Ignoring doctors who point out troubling safety statistics. Dr. William Makis has pointed out 80 doctors in Canada who died of suspicious circumstances in close time proximity to the COVID jabs. He wrote a letter to the CMA pointing this out and calling for an investigation. He was ignored. This should be extremely troubling to all doctors in Canada.
  25. Extreme anecdotes. Stories like 6 stents, Wayne Root’s wedding, my survey of over 600 people confirming Root’s statistics, the podiatrist statistics, etc.
  26. The Pfizer Phase 3 trial had more deaths in the vaccine group. The deaths were never properly investigated. Pfizer won’t comment.
  27. Independent validation. Dr. Naomi Wolf’s team independently validated my claims on Fox News of hundreds of thousands killed and millions injured.
  28. UK data scientist Joel Smalley hasn’t found any data supporting the safety of the COVID vaccines yet. He’s been looking worldwide since the start of the vaccination program for positive news on vaccine safety and hasn’t found anything yet.
  29. The people in charge keep getting it wrong. It’s surprising we don’t trust the people who accurately predicted what has happened and continue to trust the people who got it wrong.
  30. It’s been over 18 months and I still haven’t found a single person who is willing to explain how any of this data (such as the items listed in Evidence of Harm) is consistent with a perfectly safe and effective vaccine. That should make anyone suspicious.
  31. Prominent people who once promoted the vaccine as safe and effective are now realizing that their original beliefs were based on trust and are calling for an immediate halt to the vaccines. When they look directly at the evidence, they find that their trust was misplaced. Dr. Aseem Malhotra is the latest high-profile doctor to come to this realization and nobody wants to debate him either. Michael Turner MD is a doctor who is much less well known, but the exact same thing happened to him. He documented his transformation from a believer in the medical system to now being highly skeptical.
  32. Even Kaiser is now admitting that the vaccines make you more likely to be infected.
  33. Other countries are admitting their mistakes. Denmark is now not vaccinating anyone under 50 years old.
  34. Top doctors are calling for an end to booster mandates in universities in published papers. They are being called unethical because the cure is worse than the disease. Amazingly, there is no discussion on college campuses after that paper came out. For example, at Stanford, there is complete silence with no debate.
  35. A recent poll done in Australia showed huge dissatisfaction with the COVID vaccines: An Australian poll of 45,000 respondents showed that only 35% of the vaccinated would get the shot again. Not a single unvaccinated person said they regret the decision (there were 35% unvaccinated). So only 22% of those surveyed are moving forward with future shots. The mainstream media doesn’t acknowledge the poll.
  36. I hear stories all the time about doctors who privately tell people that they are very worried by what they are seeing but keeping quiet to save their jobs. Here’s one in the comments of this article. If the vaccine is safe and effective, what’s the explanation for this?
  37. If the vaccines are so safe and there is nothing to hide, why do we need multiple levels of intimidation tactics to silence doctors who want to speak out? My wife was recently contacted by a physician at Stanford who told her that I was telling the truth about how dangerous the vaccines are but that she isn’t allowed to say anything or else she would be fired (and lose her license to practice medicine since she is in California where it’s now illegal to speak badly about the COVID vaccines). She can’t afford to lose her job because she is the sole breadwinner in her family.
  38. The experts cannot do a simple risk benefit analysis even for children where the calculation is the most obvious. John Ioannidis published a paper recently showing the IFR from the virus for people under 19 is 3 in a million. In order to approve the vaccine for children, we’d have to show that the vaccine kills fewer than 1 child per million vaccinated. There is no Phase 3 trial that shows a safety level this low; the only data we have in from the VAERS system and it shows 185 deaths. But VAERS is at least 41X underreported, so to be safe, that would be 7,585 children killed by the vaccine. There are around 25 million kids who have been vaccinated. So this is a death rate of 300 deaths per million vaccinated. This means we are killing 100 kids for ever child we might save. This is not far from the 117 kids to save 1 estimate that Toby Rogers estimated almost exactly 1 year ago! Why was this put on the childhood vaccine schedule?
  39. It is baffling to me that there are still vaccine mandates in universities. We know the vaccine doesn’t protect against community spread and it doesn’t reduce infection. The “experts” all now say it simply reduces personal risk of hospitalization and death. So there is no community benefit. That makes it unethical to mandate these shots for students: it should be a personal decision between the student and their doctor. Mandating shots is as silly as mandating students eat a healthy diet or mandating 30 minutes of exercise per day. Furthermore, even if there was a community benefit, since there is clearly a risk of death from these vaccines, universities have no moral authority to make the risk benefit tradeoff for an individual. Would you require a 5-time Nobel prize winner to take a 1% chance of risking her life in order to have a 10% chance of saving the lives of two people that she doesn’t know?
  40. Why do we need immunity from liability if these particular vaccines are as safe as claimed? It’s very odd that not a single manufacturer produced any “approved” vaccine when the liability protection was not in place.

Still think I got it wrong?

Any doctor who thinks all of the above is just misinformation should join a vaccine injury support group and spend some time getting to know the vaccine injured and hear their stories. Here are a links to groups that haven’t been shut down yet that will welcome you:

Vaccine Injury/Side Effects Support Group (Facebook)

Covid Vaccine Injury Support Group (Trial Site News)


I have yet to find anyone who claims that I’m wrong about the COVID vaccines who is willing to sit down with me or any of my misinformation spreader colleagues to go through any of the data and show how it is consistent with the “safe and effective” narrative. They all decline.

I fail to understand how declining to engage in a discussion will save lives, but none of the people who decline will explain that.

More than two years ago, UCSF Professor Vinay Prasad co-authored a superb op-ed entitled, “Scientists who express different views on Covid-19 should be heard, not demonized.”

Perhaps someone has written an opposing op-ed that argues convincingly that Vinay was wrong and that scientists who express different views should be demonized and not heard?

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