The big chain stores have made it hard to find American-made products. The ‘Buy American’ strategy has always been more than walking into a store, looking at products on the shelves, and hoping that store offers made in the USA merchandise. Many small companies make products in America that aren’t on the shelves of big-box stores or on Amazon that deserve our consumer support. So, I have featured some great companies that have high quality products.

Weber Grills

The rounded shape of the Weber grill, which hasn’t changed since it was first designed in 1952, has helped make it a recognizable fixture at many outdoor cookouts. Although Weber does make gas models overseas, all other Weber grills are made at the company’s headquarters in Palatine, Illinois.

Airstream Trailers

Often associated with cross-country road trips of yesteryear, the iconic aluminum Airstream trailer is now the oldest luxury trailer in the industry. Its longevity is thanks in large part to the high-quality manufacturing processes at the company’s plant in Jackson Center, Ohio, which still employs nearly 500 people.

Zippo Lighters

The first Zippo lighter was made in 1933 in Bradford, Pennsylvania, and the thousands of variations made since have almost all been made in the same town. The reusable metal lighter company is now an iconic American brand selling its products around the world.

Smith & Wesson Guns

Smith & Wesson was founded in Springfield, Massachusetts, in 1852 and grew into the nation’s largest handgun maker, expanding its operations to include handcuffs, knives, and tactical law-enforcement tools (and is now actually called American Outdoor Brands). Its guns, made legendary by their use in the Civil War and by Clint Eastwood in the film “Dirty Harry,” are made in facilities in Maine and Tennessee as well as Springfield.

Vermont Teddy Bears

As the name suggests, Vermont Teddy Bear makes all its stuffed animals in Vermont. Two factories make nearly a half-million teddy bears each year, making the company one of the largest makers of teddy bears and the largest seller by mail and online orders. The stuffed teddy bears are made with recycled cotton and guaranteed for life.

Leatherman Multitools

A product that can last a lifetime, the popular and innovative Leatherman multitools are the infinitely handy all-in-one devices born out of the imagination and perseverance of Oregon native Tim Leatherman. Campers, hunters, and DIYers have been thrilled ever since. The company, founded in 1983, makes all of its products in Portland, Oregon, where it employs more than 500 people.


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