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How Not to give a fuck awards

Dictator Macron is BITCH SLAPPED in the face during a walkabout in France: Man shouting ‘Down with Macronia’ is bundled to the ground and arrested.

Then in a typical beta move, Macron remained in the vicinity of the crowd for a few more seconds and appeared to return to the barriers to get a word in, although it was unclear what he was saying. Of course, as soon as ten of his goons jump on the guy, Macron tries and acts like a man and stands up to a real man. So, Macron, go fuck yourself and drink your pumpkin spice latte or whatever you betas over there drink.

All these politicians say they don’t condone this violence, but the violence you inflict against the people is OK? So how does it feel to get a taste of your own medicine??? This Frenchman is awarded the first – How Not To Give A Fuck Award!!! Well deserved!!!

A close second goes to Guatemala

A friendly, warm welcome for Camel Toe Harris in Guatemala yesterday; Guatemala’s president then blamed her and Biden for the border crisis.

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